You hear it. You're tapping your feet. I know it :D



TL:DR: No, we're not a 90's grunge band...

If you're really, really, wondering and you want me to skip the upcoming dramatic & boring instrumentalist biography, just know we are like a dating community for musicians, band members or just instrumentalists. We enable you to find band members or to join a band!

So back to what I was trying to say... I grew up in Centurion, I started playing Guitar at the age of 15 and eventually progressed to playing bass. I always kept it solo, my highschool, college or community didn't really have like a band or anything. Now that I am 21, I've realized wow bro -I'm kind of becoming desperate to join a band. Since it's fun you know? I searched on facebook groups, sites and even on tinder for band members. Didn't get nowhere. So now I'm here, trying to create community of South African musicians/instrumentalists -who's willing to meet up with each other to just jam bro. I mean come on, I'm not the only one who's lost out here. Or am I?



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Strand, Capetown, Western Cape

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